17 September 2015

Monash University Malaysia Visits Ulu Kanchong Palm Oil Mill

On 17 September 2015, group of 3rd year chemical engineering undergraduates from Monash University Malaysia visit to Ulu Kanchong Palm Oil Mill (UKPOM), Negeri Sembilan to see for themselves what a real palm oil mill looked like. The visit was led by Senior Lecturer at Monash, Dr. Babak Salamati and Chairman of POP SIG, Hong Wai Onn

A brief introduction on UKPOM was given by the Mill Manager, Mr Tan Yaw Cho during the first session prior to proceeding with mill visit. During the mill visit, the undergraduates were not only exposed to main processing plant, but also power generation plant and the revolutionary effluent treatment plant - biogas plant.

Alison Tan said, “The visit was great. The engineers let us get up closer to each processes, which was good exposure as we could actually see how it really works and gain a better understanding of each unit processes. Also, the utilization of biogas captured in covered lagoon at effluent treatment plant is quite ingenious.

Blu Tan said, “This is the best field trip so far. It was very informative, and the engineers answered all our questions. We actually get to see up close all the different equipment and processes. I finally get to paint the picture of all the processes in my head, which was previously just literature and imaginations. I’m very excited to venture into palm oil industry!"

"No doubt this was one of the best field trip so far. We were exposed to real machineries and have the chance to witness the whole process of the mill. We were given the chance to touch and smell the product after each processes in the mill. This was an eye-opening experience for me,” Ian Lim said

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