01 April 2015

Russian trip beckons for poster prize winner

John Ramsey

A postgraduate researcher from the University of Birmingham has won this year’s Institution of Chemical Engineers’ (IChemE) Fluid Mixing Process Special Interest Group (SIG) student competition for his analysis of viscoelastic fluids in a static mixer.

John Ramsay’s presentation looked at multiphase viscoelastic fluids and their mixing abilities in a static mixer. By studying how the fluids behave when mixed, the optimal mixing process can be developed. The judges praised the novel research and his ability to clearly explain complex principles and relevance in products.

The competition provides students with a platform to effectively communicate their findings to the fluid mixing community and beyond. There is particular emphasis on promoting the application and relevance of this area of research in industrial processes and products.

Ramsay received a travel grant to support a trip to the European Conference on Mixing in St. Petersburg, Russia, later this year. Now in its 15th year, the conference is hosted by the St. Petersburg State Institute of Technology. The meeting offers a forum for presentations, journals and stimulating debates on the latest advances in mixing.

Professor Chris Rielly, chair of IChemE’s Fluid Mixing SIG, said: “Research in fluid mixing processes is at the heart of all manufacturing including chemicals, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. It helps with the delivery of innovative processes and products for customers across many industrial sectors around the world.
“This research is an excellent example of how chemical engineering matters. Mixing of multiphase fluids with high solids content is often energy intensive. Applications of Ramsay’s research are more likely to achieve a quality product and lower cost of processing. Examples of where these are found in daily consumer life include the suspended particles in paint.”

Dr David Brown, chief executive of IChemE, added: “Congratulations John on winning the competition. Each year the entries reach a very high standard, so I feel whilst John received the financial contribution towards a trip to Russia, all the participants are winners.”

The annual research event – now in its 26th year – was held on Tuesday at the University of Birmingham, UK.

The presentations were evaluated by a panel of judges from both industry and academia, including: Michael Baker from Unilever Research; Gül Ozcan-Taskin from BHR Group; and Gustavo Padron, also from BHR Group.

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