04 May 2016

Free access to equations with Knovel

Knovel equations
The Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) has expanded its learning resource offering for members, and chemical engineers can now access a free Equation Solver as part of their IChemE subscription.

The new addition to IChemE’s already popular Knovel tool allows members to utilise over 300 different types of equations, in chemistry, chemical engineering, general engineering, and project administration.

Knovel is a interactive learning resource, and free-to-access if you are an IChemE member. New book titles are introduced annually by the Institution based on member feedback, but this is the first time the Equation Solver has been made part of the subscription.

Knovel’s Interactive Equation Solver allows users to browse collections of practical equations and worked examples, use the built-in equation solver, and export calculations for reports or sharing. It will help chemical engineers of varying levels to work out basic formulas and modelling for projects. The new subscription covers 241 equations in chemistry and chemical engineering, plus all 100 equations in general engineering and project administration.

The annual update has also included a refresh of the current book titles freely available to IChemE members. In total, 19 new titles have been added to the existing selection, including; Piping and Pipeline Calculations Manual – Construction, Design, Fabrication and Examination; Engineering Catalysis; Introduction to Continuum Mechanics and The Dictionary of Chemical Engineering.

The new additions follow an analysis of activity on the platform, which looks at which books outside of the existing subscription were most searched for last year.

IChemE’s director of publications, Claudia Flavell-While said: “Working with Knovel, we reviewed the top titles members have tried to access but weren’t included in our subscription. The bulk of the newly-added titles come from that list, and of course the most popular titles still remain. It’s just part of our ongoing efforts to keep improving our services to members.”

To access the equations, members will need to log into Knovel via the IChemE website and then go to https://app.knovel.com/ie/. For the main Knovel landing page, members must use https://app.knovel.com

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