04 July 2016

IChemE journals celebrate further increase in Impact Factors

IChemE journals

IChemE is celebrating the impressive increases in Impact Factors achieved by two of its journals. The 2015 results reveal the greatest increase was registered by Food and Bioproducts Processing (FBP) which saw its impact factor grow from 2.474 to 2.687. Chemical Engineering Research and Design (ChERD) also saw an increase, advancing from 2.348 to 2.525.

The journals, published in partnership with Elsevier, now sit firmly within the top 40 chemical engineering journals. FBP has been ranked 30th and ChERD 36th out of the 135 peer-reviewed journals in the field, overtaking well-regarded competitor publications.

FBP has also grown in other journal rankings, now 55th out of 161 publications in Biotechnology, and 23rd out of 124 Food Science & Technology journals.

Joint editors-in-chief of FBP, Ken Morison and Nigel Tichener-Hooker, said: “We are really pleased with the new score. It shows continuous improvement year-on-year and is a testament to the effort of the peer reviewers and the quality of the author’s submissions. It is fantastic to see the area of food and bioprocessing become more relevant in the study of chemical engineering, and we hope to see this trend continue.”

FBP has recently welcomed a new editor-in-chief for the publication. Professor DI Wilson, Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, University of Cambridge, has succeeded Morison and joins Titchener-Hooker as joint editor.

He said: “To start my new role as editor of Food and Bioproducts Processing at a time when it is growing increasingly in terms of impact is a real privilege. A score of 2.687 is excellent for a profession of our size. Ken has done an excellent job as editor, and I’m looking to continue with that trend, working alongside Nigel.”

Editor-in-chief of ChERD, Eva Sorensen noted: “It’s great to see ChERD’s Impact Factors increase for another year, and for us to now sit comfortably in the top third of chemical engineering journals is a fantastic achievement. The hard work of the editors, reviewers and authors, who have all contributed to this success, is now clearly paying off.”

IChemE further welcomed the news that one of its more recently launched journals, Education for Chemical Engineers (ECE), is now being listed in the Thomson Reuters Emerging Sciences Citation Index (ESCI). Inclusion in the index gives the journal greater discoverability, increasing the chances of it being evaluated for inclusion in other exclusive journal rankings.

Impact Factors are calculated by Thomson Reuters and updated annually. They provide a quantitative measure of a journal in relation to its competitors, based on a ratio of the citations to a journal in the most recent year to a count of articles and reviews published in the journal in the prior two years. More information can be found at: http://wokinfo.com/essays/impact-factor/

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