04 July 2017

Celebrate 100 years of Palm Oil

Palm oil

Engineering and processing professionals in Malaysia will celebrate 100 years of innovation in the palm oil industry, and debate what lies ahead for the future of the sector, at a day seminar on Tuesday 8 August.

The Institution of Chemical Engineers’ (IChemE) 100 Years Palm Oil Industry: 50 Years of Process Engineering Seminar will reflect on the history and importance of chemical and process engineering in the industry, and how palm oil has come to fruition as Malaysia’s fourth biggest export.

Keynote speaker Tan Sri Datuk Dr Yusof Basiron will open the event, outlining why chemical and process engineering is a crucial function to supporting sustainability. Dr Yusof is currently the Independent Non-Executive Chairman of CB Industrial Product Holding, an advisor to the Minister of Primary Industries and Commodities, and has authored and has published nearly 200 papers on the Palm Oil industry.

Presentations from technology experts will take place throughout the morning, looking at the discovery of palm oil and its early process developments in milling, refining, oleochemical and bioprocessing. This is followed by a focus on current challenges and the future implications for the industry.

A panel of distinguished personalities in the palm oil industry will come together to discuss the big question:

Can Malaysia continue to be the global technology leader in the processing of its Golden Crop?

Ir. Qua Kiat Seng, a founding committee member of the Palm Oil Processing Special Interest Group, will be moderating the panel. He said

“In 2016 in Malaysia, 600,000 people were employed in plantations and small holdings and another 200,000 in downstream processing in the palm oil industry, producing 19 million tonnes of palm oil and 2 million tonnes of palm kernel oil used in products by people every day across the world.

“While we celebrate the fantastic achievements and innovations in this industry, we are mindful of how we can keep it a sustainable, safe and interesting area for people to work in. This isn’t the end; we’re only part way through the story.

“This seminar will allow those from across the industry – from millers and refiners and oleochemical manufacturers to undergraduates, academics and engineering and science professionals - to come together in the tackling the challenges and issues that face the Palm Oil processing sector in Malaysia.”

The seminar will be held at InterContinental Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia. Register at http://www.icheme.org/100yearspalmoil

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