09 June 2017

Rob Best recognised for exceptional service to IChemE

Rob Best - Council Medal 2016
The Institution of Chemical Engineers has presented Dr Rob Best with its volunteering award, the IChemE Council Medal. The medal was presented at the IChemE London offices in the UK, by Chief Executive, Jon Prichard.

The Council Medal recognises IChemE members who have gone above and beyond in their volunteering role for the Institution, giving exceptional service to an IChemE special project.

Rob is Chair of the IChemE Education and Accreditation Forum (EAF) and sits on the Qualifications Committee (QC). He was nominated for his long-standing service to the Institutions University accreditation process, notably for his leadership in the revision and development of the 2015 University Accreditation Guidance Documents. He took on the leadership of the review in September 2014.

The revisions have made a substantial improvement to the documents and processes, and Rob continues to make improvements to the guidance in response to feedback.

He was presented with the Council Medal at the EAF meeting, help in London, UK, and said:

“I am, of course, honoured to be awarded the Council Medal for my work developing IChemE’s accreditation processes. In accepting the medal, I must pay tribute to the late Colin Grant. Colin’s initial work on the revision of the accreditation guidelines was abruptly halted by his untimely death in 2014. His preparatory work and clarity of thought were guiding principles throughout what followed and were key to a successful outcome.

“I also want to acknowledge the work of our volunteer assessors, EAF members and IChemE staff. This magnificent team contributed in multiple ways to the success of the project and their collaboration remains fundamental to IChemE’s entire accreditation function."

IChemE’s Head of Educational Affairs, Libby Steele said:

“Rob's achievements have greatly enhanced the IChemE university accreditation process. He has ensured that all stakeholders have been listened to, and achieved stakeholder buy-in to the changes.

“We are in a much improved position following this review, and I’m grateful to Rob for his hard work and commitment, all on a completely voluntary basis.”

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