27 September 2018

IChemE announces Congress candidates


Update 03/10/2018: This announcement has been edited since the date of publication to reflect a recent change in the voting date. The Congress elections ballot will now open on Thursday 11 October at 09:00 (BST). This has been changed from the previously announced date of Monday 8 October. Read more about this change here.

The Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) has announced the nominees for Congress – the new advisory body of the Institution.

Congress, which will consist of up to 40 members, will act as a sounding board and advise the Board of Trustees on matters of interest to IChemE and its members.

Sixteen nominations to Congress were uncontested, and therefore, these candidates will automatically take up these seats without an election.

Sixteen seats are up for election. The ballot opens at 09:00 BST on 11 October and closes at 23:59 BST on 25 October. The nominees are invited to begin their election campaigns.

There were seven vacant seats. These will remain unfilled until the next round of elections.

The final candidates are listed below, with profiles on each candidate available via MyIChemE and IChemE’s member forum Interface. IChemE members are encouraged to ask questions of the nominees via this forum.

Members will receive voting papers by email (or by post where IChemE does not hold a valid email address) for the ballots relevant to their constituencies. The results will be announced shortly after the ballots close on 25 October 2018. It is anticipated that the first session of Congress will begin by 31 October 2018.

For more information on Congress visit: www.icheme.org/congress

Functional seats nominees

Fellow – four vacant positions

  • Christopher John Chambers CEng FIChemE, Director I, Process / Specialist Engineer, Fluor (UK)
  • John Nigel Hirst CEng FIChemE, formerly Chairman, HFL Risk Services Ltd (UK)
  • Neil Harvey CEng FIChemE, Lead Process Engineer, Optimus Services Ltd (UK)
  • Parneet Paul CEng FIChemE, Head of Civil Engineering / Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Leeds Beckett University (UK)
  • Peter Hunt CEng FIChemE, Business Development Director, ABB Consulting (UK) 
  • Robert Halliday Peeling CEng FIChemE, Senior Innovation Specialist, Britest Lt (UK)
  • Paul Kenny CEng FIChemE, Process Safety Technical Lead, Esso Petroleum (ExxonMobil) (UK) 
  • Sanjoy Sen CEng CSci FIChemE, Development Engineer, Oil & Gas Authority (UK)
  • Tamuno Olumide Olu-Tima CEng FIChemE, Director, Camnox Ltd (Nigeria)

Chartered – four vacant positions

  • Ademola Adeku CEng MIChemE, Senior Process Engineer, Shell Petroleum Development Company (Nigeria)
  • Gareth James CEng MIChemE, Technical Leader, KBR (UK)
  • Morenike Amiaka CEng MIChemE, Process Safety Engineer, Palmtree Consult Ltd (UK)
  • Stefano Ceci CEng MIChemE, Senior Process Engineer, Johnson Matthey (UK)
  • Yasharn Smith CEng MIChemE, Senior Project Manager, National Grid (UK)

Early Career – four vacant positions

  • Aiden Goulden AMIChemE, Engineer, Johnson Matthey (UK)
  • Anna Xiao AMIChemE, Engineer, GSK (UK)
  • Arran Marais-Gilchrist AMIChemE, Process Engineer, GSK (UK) 
  • Dawn Thompson AMIChemE, Senior Chemical Research Engineer, Kingspan (Ireland)
  • Eoghan Joseph Mulholland AMIChemE, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Queens University Belfast (Ireland)
  • Joseph Agnew AMIChemE, Graduate Process Engineer, Wood (UK)
  • Matthias Schnellmann AMIChemE, PhD Student, University of Cambridge (UK)
  • Michael Wise AMIChemE, Process and Design Engineer at Worn Again Technologies (UK)
  • Peter Clough AMIChemE, Lecturer, Cranefield University (UK)
  • Ricardo Suarez Heredia AMIChemE, Doctoral Researcher, University College London (UK)
  • Shahidur Chokdar, Project Engineering, NSG Environmental (UK)

Student – two vacant positions

  • Daniel Bachynskyj-Bilas, Aston University (UK)
  • Fiona Ragan, Aston University (UK)
  • Gan Mee San, Monash University (Malaysia)
  • Matthew Johnston, Imperial College London (UK)
  • Rian Tze Kye McCawley, University of Leeds (UK) 
  • Thomas Kavanagh, University of Newcastle (UK)

Regional seats nominees

Rest of the World - two vacant positions

  • Elizabeth Helen Salter CEng FIChemE, Senior Technical Safety Engineer, Petroleum Development Oman (Oman) 
  • Robert Aled Davies CEng MIChemE, Former Owner of Spanish Solar (Spain)
  • Rory Davin CEng MIChemE, Senior Process Engineer, OMV Exploration & Production (Austria)

Uncontested seats

The following members will take up the positions on Congress without an election as they were uncontested by another nomination for the same seat. They are all regional seats.

  • All Ireland (UK & IRE) - Eur Ing Brian Michael Stapylton-Smith CEng FIChemE, Lead Process Engineer (Ireland)
  • Australia - Grant Wellwood CEng FIChemE, General Manager, Jenike & Johanson (Australia)
  • Australia – Jane Linda Cutler FIChemE, Non-Executive Director, Australian Maritime Safety Authority (Australia)
  • Eastern (UK & IRE) - Peter William Thomas FIChemE, formerly employed at Genzyme Ltd (UK)
  • Malaysia - Ramakrishnan Nagasundara Ramanan CEng MIChemE, Adjunct Senior Lecturer, Monash University (Malaysia)
  • North West & North Wales (UK & IRE) - Alexander Allen CEng FIChemE, Technical Lead, Sellafield Ltd (UK)
  • North West & North Wales (UK & IRE) - Anthony Alexander Greenough CEng MIChemE, Researcher (UK)
  • North East (UK & IRE) - Eur Ing Syed Mohammad Ali CEng CSci FIChemE, Process Safety Management Leader, Phillips 66 Ltd (UK)
  • North East (UK & IRE) - Farid Benyahia CEng FIChemE, Professor of Chemical Engineering, University of Birmingham (UK)
  • New Zealand - Greig Wilson CEng FIChemE, Business Development Manager, DETA Consulting Ltd (New Zealand)
  • Singapore - Joseph William Eades CEng FIChemE, Managing Director, Ispahan Group (Singapore)
  • South Africa - Jacob Johannes Scholtz CEng FIChemE, Senior Manager Separation Technology, Sasol (South Africa)
  • South East (UK & IRE) - Kit Loong Oung CEng MIChemE, Director, Energy Efficien:ology (UK)South Central (UK & IRE) - Shashi Mawkin CEng MIChemE, formerly PMC Director, Jacobs Engineering (UK)
  • South Wales (UK & IRE) - Maryam Farhanah Badiuszaman CEng MIChemE, Process Engineer, Mott MacDonald Bentley (Wales)
  • USA - Christopher McDermott CEng MIChemE, Flow Assurance & Production Chemistry Technical Authority, BP America (USA)

Vacant seats

These seats will remain unfilled until the next election.

  • Regional – Canada - One vacancy available, no nominations
  • Regional - Midlands (UK & IRE) - One vacancy available, no nominations
  • Regional - North Scotland (UK & IRE) - One vacancy available, no nominations
  • Regional - South East (UK & IRE) - Two vacancies available, only one filled - uncontested
  • Regional - South Scotland (UK & IRE) - One vacancy available, no nominations
  • Regional - South West (UK & IRE) - One vacancy available, no nominations
  • Regional – Netherlands - One vacancy available, no nominations

How to Vote

Voting opens at 09:00 on 11 October 2018 via Mi-Voice and will close at 23:59 BST on 25 October 2018. All members with a valid email address will receive an email from Mi-Voice with details of their unique voter code, and instructions on how to vote via http://www.mi-vote.com.

Contact Mi-Voice

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Telephone: +44 (0) 2380 763987 // Email: support@mi-voice.com

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