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Brian Cox awarded John Collier Medal

Brian Cox John, 7th John Collier Lecture 2013, IChemE

On 26 February 2013 Brian Cox was awarded the 7th John Collier Medal. He was presented with his award in front of a packed house at the IET, London. Cox delivered a speech on The Value of Scientific Exploration.

tce reporter, Helen Tunnicliffe, also secured an exclusive interview with Cox before the event started.

Watch the interview

Presidential address 2011

Sir William Wakeham


IChemE president Sir William Wakeham delivered his presidential address, Thinking outside the pipe: unlocking potential, delivering chemical engineering futures, in May 2011.



David James interview

England goalkeeper David James tells IChemE members how they can support The David James Foundation and its efforts to build a new school, working farm and sporting academy in Blantyre, Malawi – one of the poorest countries in the world. 

Listen to David James talking about The David James Foundation  

Frank Morton lecture

Grant Campbell gave IChemE’s 2008 Frank Morton lecture, entitled Bread, Bubbles and Biofuels. Find out the secret ingredient required for the perfect sandwich and how chemical engineers are changing the food we eat for the better.

Listen to part 1 of Bread, Bubbles and Biofuels
Listen to part 2 of Bread, Bubbles and Biofuels

India NDTV

David Brown (IChemE Chief Executive), Ramesh Mashelkar (IChemE President 2007-08), Greg Lewin (Immediate IChemE Past President) and Ian Shott (IChemE Technical Vice President 2007-08) appeared on an NDTV panel discussion, inspired by the Institution’s Jubilee Report, ‘Shared Challenges, Shared Solutions’.

View the video NDTV Shared Challenges, Shared Solutions


Find out what inspired out whynotchemeng volunteers to get involved in chemical engineering and what they do in their day-to-day work...

What do Chemical Engineers do? 
What’s so great about Chemical Engineering? 
How did you get involved in Chemical Engineering?
What is whynotchemeng?
What does Chemical Engineering mean to our planet?

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