The IChemE Energy Centre is a forum for the chemical and process engineering community to provide decision makers around the world with authoritative and impartial advice on energy issues.

The centre uses this unique expertise to provide government and industry with insights needed to develop effective energy policy and address the energy challenges of national and global importance.

The role of the Energy Centre members is to bring together the diverse views of the chemical engineers to make evidence-based recommendations for the benefit of the chemical engineering profession and society as a whole.

It does this by actively engaging with policy debates, responding to consultations and requests for evidence, and producing green and white papers.

Green papers produced will be more discursive, seeking to highlight gaps and add value to the energy debate, while white papers will provide authoritative and evidence-based positions on energy policy issues from a chemical engineering perspective.

Reflecting the breadth of expertise within IChemE’s membership and Special Interest Group community, the Centre can provide insight, advice and analysis on the following topics:

  • energy efficiency in industrial process, transportation and domestic applications
  • new and low-carbon technologies
  • carbon capture, storage and utilisation
  • biofuels
  • oil and gas production, processing and transportation
  • nuclear technology
  • life cycle analysis and the sustainability implications of energy solutions
  • system impacts of energy policy on industry


The Energy Centre works with fellow science and engineering bodies to ensure that it provides new and complementary advice and insights.

If you would like to find out more about what the Energy Centre can do for you, please get in touch via energycentre@icheme.org

Read the Energy Centre 2017-2018 Strategy >>

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