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If you work in the process industries – energy, chemicals, contracting, pharmaceuticals, food, water and much more – or you sell to, or buy from, such a company then you depend, to a greater or lesser extent, on chemical, biochemical or process engineering. The better-informed you are, the better your networks and contacts, the stronger you’ll be as a business and as an individual. That’s why you should be an Affiliate member of IChemE.

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Do you manage or hire chemical engineers, or engage them as contractors?

You need to be familiar with the skills pipeline, how to recruit and retain the right talent in a competitive market, and how to make the most of your engineers for your business. As an IChemE Affiliate member, you’ll be well placed to achieve those ends.

And if you’re in none of those categories, but just have an interest in a field of science and engineering that can contribute more than most to addressing some of the world’s key challenges – clean water, better health, greener lifestyles and ways to mitigate climate change – then we’ll welcome you as an Affiliate member.

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