Important: Changes to the application portal

As part of ongoing work to improve applicant experience and application processing efficiency, the membership application portal, launched in April 2021, will be subject to a number of enhancements in January 2023. To enable us to make these improvements the application portal will be unavailable for a period of time. Those intending to submit applications for Individual Case Procedure or Initial Professional Development assessment, or membership applications for Technician Member, Chartered Member, or Fellow, now or in the near future, are asked to take note of these changes. 

What’s changing?

Currently, submissions are completed offline in documents that are then uploaded to the application portal. With the upcoming portal enhancements, applicants will be able to enter information directly into the portal, saving as they go. Those who prefer to work offline can continue to do so using the preparatory forms provided, but will need to copy and paste their answers into the application portal to apply. 

What does this mean for applicants?

The application portal will available until Friday 6 January so, up until this point, applicants will be able to up submit their application by uploading the document they’ve been preparing. The portal will then be taken offline while we make the improvements. 

From Tuesday 10 January, the application portal will re-open for: 

  • Stage 1 (Individual Case Procedure): Technical Biographies 
  • Stage 1 (Individual Case Procedure): Technical Report Questionnaires 

From Friday 27 January, the application portal will re-open for: 

  • Stage 2 (Initial Professional Development): Self-Managed 
  • Stage 3: Professional Review for Technician Member 
  • Stage 3: Professional Review for Chartered Member  
  • Fellow 

Please note: Those unable to complete their existing application before Friday 6 January will need to start a new application when the portal re-opens. Any documents that have been uploaded to the portal will no longer be available so applicants should ensure they have copies of all documents. Those who have applications in progress have been contacted regarding how the changes will impact them. If you have submitted an application but have not heard from us please email

The following application types will be unaffected:

  • Student Member 
  • Affiliate Member 
  • Associate Member 
  • Stage 2: Exemption through accredited training 
  • Associate Fellow 
  • Professional registrations not being applied for at the same time as a membership grade 

Should you have any questions about the upcoming changes, please contact us via