Non-chemical engineering graduates

To apply for Associate Member we will require evidence that you are working in a chemical engineering environment and are developing the fundamental knowledge and understanding of chemical engineering, to the equivalent academic standard of a chemical engineering bachelors degree.

Examples of chemical engineering process experience might include:

  • undertaking detailed chemical engineering calculations to specify, size and rate items of chemical process equipment and then to integrate those items of equipment into a process plant which can operate safely, in a manner which is environmentally acceptable and efficiently producing a quality product
  • mass transfer
  • heat transfer
  • fluid mechanics
  • reactor design

A relevant postgraduate qualification which meets the above criteria would also be considered to be appropriate.

What evidence is required?

Please expand your Curriculum Vitae (CV) to provide detail on your work-based chemical engineering process experience, including the types of tasks undertaken and responsibilities held, relevant to chemical engineering, as well as any relevant formal training.

How do I apply?

Please make an application for Associate Member online and upload your degree certificate(s) and expanded CV in the academic section.

What happens next?

Once received, your evidence will be reviewed to assess if you are currently eligible.

If, however, it is felt that you do not meet the requirements for Associate Member, you will be elected as an Affiliate Member and you will be advised of the outcome shortly afterwards.

Do I need to become an Associate Member before I get Chartered?

Where relevant, you would be encouraged to continue to work towards attaining the minimum required levels for Chartered Member MIChemE of:

  1. knowledge and understanding, and
  2. professional experience 

When you are ready to make an application, you may apply directly for Chartered Member. There is no requirement to first qualify for Associate Member.

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