Early Careers Researchers Forum

The aim of the Early Careers Researchers Forum (ECRF) is to build awareness of opportunities available in academic and industrial research and development in the field of chemical engineering. Our aim is that this will facilitate early career development of individuals active in, or considering a role in this area. Opportunities can vary from networking and awareness of vacancies in a variety of fields, to available funding for research projects.

While being well connected within our own environments and industries is always encouraged, the ECRF will support members to form relationships outside of their day-to-day work to develop an understanding of the opportunities that come as a result of maintaining these connections.

The ECRF will provide support through three key areas:

  • outreach programmes for undergraduates to share opportunities open to engineers in both academia and industry
  • a forum for technical discussions relevant to a number of different fields
  • a platform for mentorship to provide support and advice on switching focus in careers.

Anyone who has completed their undergraduate studies, defines themselves as ‘early in careers’ and is working in or has an interest in chemical engineering research is able to become a member. Additionally, the forum is keen to support you if you are in the final stages of your degree and considering your next steps.

All upcoming networking and outreach events will be posted on the website.

Alternatively, if you wish to volunteer and contribute towards the development of the ECRF, please get in touch.