Energy Community of Practice

About us

The Energy Community of Practice (Energy CoP) is an international group for members who are keen to:

  • build networks, knowledge and skills
  • share knowledge and engage in joint problem-solving on international challenges to support IChemE members and IChemE strategy
  • engage with energy policy.

The Energy CoP was formed at the start of 2021 and replaces the Energy Centre. Former members of the Energy Centre are represented on the CoP’s Leadership Group.

The Energy CoP aims to develop and deliver energy projects that are relevant to the profession, the industries in which chemical and process engineers work and policymakers around the world. The CoP provides expert, evidence-based advice on energy issues, while highlighting the role of chemical engineers in meeting the energy challenges that society faces.

Initially, the Leadership Group’s priorities are for the CoP to complete the delivery of projects already underway, and to develop an initial strategy for the group that takes an international approach where possible, aligns to IChemE strategy including Learned Society Committee priorities, and considers projects, communications and policy.

The Energy CoP will act as a point of contact for government and other organisations seeking a chemical engineering view on energy. Initially, the CoP will coordinate responses on energy policy in countries where IChemE has a National Board.

Over the course of 2021 a mechanism for IChemE members to join the CoP will be introduced, in a similar way to which members can join Special Interest Groups (SIGs). This will allow members to stay informed of the Energy CoP’s activities, volunteer to participate in projects the CoP is undertaking, and contribute to policy consultations the CoP is engaging in.

If you have any questions or wish to contribute to the work of the Energy CoP, please email