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Manufacturing of Particulate Pharmaceutical Products: Current Trends

Manufacturing of Particulate Pharmaceutical Products: Current Trends
  • Date From 21st November 2019
  • Date To 21st November 2019
  • Price Free of charge and open to all
  • Location Ramsay Lecture Theatre, UCL, Christopher Ingold Building, 20 Gordon Street, London WC1H 0AJ

In collaboration with IChemE's Particle Technology and Pharma Special Interest Groups, the London & South East Coast Members Group are pleased to invite you to their upcoming presentation with three guest presenters.


18:00 — Arrival and registration
18:30 — Dr Marijana Dragosavac presentation
19:00 — Dr Alexander Krok presentation
19:30 — Dr Marta Moreno Benito presentation
20:00 — Networking
20:45 — Finish

Guest presenters

Dr Marijana Dragosavac. Senior Lecturer for Chemical Engineering department at Loughborough University and Chief Scientific Officer for Micropore Technology Ltd

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Presentation title: Industrially meaningful production of uniform spherical particles for controlled and targeted delivery using membrane emulsification

Synopsis: Production of microdroplets of controlled diameter is becoming increasingly popular in pharmaceutical applications.  Those droplets after additional treatment can be turned into particles and have unique applications such as controlled release, medical diagnostic, high value fillers, electronic ink capsules or ion exchange resins.

Membrane emulsification (ME) offers control over the size of these droplets of one liquid phase (e.g. oil) in a second immiscible liquid phase (e.g. water) using low energy per unit volume where the shear stress applied on the membrane surface influences the droplet size.

This talk will tackle production of particles using the reported methods with the special focus on the use in controlled/targeted delivery.

Dr Alexander Krok, Marie Curie Fellow at CIT and Pfizer Newbridge

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Presentation title: Robust Prediction Models in Pharmaceutical Engineering

Synopsis: Although the manufacture of pharmaceutical tablets has been successful for over several years, there is still a need for improvement, to ensure that the manufacturing process will satisfy both technological and therapeutic specifications as well as regulatory requirements. Its well-known that the pharmaceutical tablets are the dominant dosage form for drug delivery which are usually produced by compressing dry powder blends of different functionalities in a die. 

Dr Marta Moreno Benito, Process Modelling Scientist for Pfizer Worldwide Research and Development 

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Presentation title: Digital Twin of Continuous Direct Compression Line for Solid Drug Manufacturing

Synopsis: Continuous manufacturing and digital design are two key strategies to accelerate product development and improve product quality and process robustness in the Pharmaceutical sector. In this talk, a Digital Twin of continuous direct compression process that is part of Portable Continuous Miniature and Modular (PCMM) technology will be presented. Some of the critical quality attributes that can be predicted with the Digital Twin are the blend composition, tablet thickness and hardness, based on formulation decisions, operating conditions and material and process parameters. The Digital Twin can help process design, optimisation and virtual simulation of new compounds and formulations through what-if simulations and Global System Analysis (GSA) from early to late stage, while reducing the experimental overhead usually necessary for product and process development.

Event organisers

Dr Pablo Garcia-Trinanes (University of Greenwich) 

Dr Domenico Macri (UCL) 

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