Voting Regulations & Voting Process

Voting Regulations

The Oman Members Group Committee, which is elected at the group’s annual general meeting, consists of three officers – the Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.

The Oman Members Group chooses to have two additional positions: Student Liaison Officer and Oman Society of Engineers Liaison Officer.

They are all elected into their position for a three year term (at the annual general meeting on the second Tuesday in June). Voting will happen every year at that time in case any position becomes vacant (e.g. in the case of resignations).

The term of office begins on 1 July each year (Group activities usually re-start after the Summer break in September).

Each Chairman and Treasurer must be Chartered Members of the Institution of Chemical Engineers.

The Chair of each group is appointed by the Central IChemE Board, normally on the recommendation of the group by means of an election.

The Chair will normally, but not necessarily, be also appointed as the IChemE Senior Ambassador to Oman.

The usual maximum term of office for the Chair is three consecutive years with the option of re-election for one further term. (In exceptional circumstances – for example, where extreme difficulty is encountered in securing a new candidate for chair – permission may be sought from IChemE to allow an individual to serve for a longer period).

The Secretary must be an IChemE member, but not necessarily a Chartered Member.

Student Liaison Officer and Oman Society of Engineers Liaison Officer do not have to be members of IChemE, however this non-member will be not be permitted to participate in voting in members for other committee roles.

IChemE group activities are run by members, for members. Only IChemE members in good standing may vote (i.e. membership is not suspended).

Voting Process

Those wishing to stand as part of the committee should find two voting members to support them (nominator and seconder) – if that is difficult, start by letting the current Secretary know you are interested in standing and for which role. 

Those wishing to stand as part of the committee must write a short manifesto (5 sentences) and biography (3 sentences) and send to the current Secretary on or before 13 May 2019, please submit your applications to 

The current Secretary will let the Oman Members Group know who is standing for each position on 14 May. 

We will then meet on 11 June and IChemE members will be able to vote.

If you are an IChemE member and not able to attend, you can send your proxy vote by email to the current Secretary on or before 10 June, please email 

Although we will know the result of 4 of the 5 positions at the annual general meeting (AGM), the credentials of the Chair need to be sent as a recommendation to the Central IChemE Board who will then hopefully appoint that person to the Chair position. 

The current Committee will not ‘drop you in it’, we are here to help, not only for the end of June hand–over period, but for as long as you need. The IChemE Member Communities team is also here to offer as much support as necessary to help progress with further development of the Oman Members Group.