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Seminar by UK visitor Dr Mike Hancock

Seminar by UK visitor Dr Mike Hancock
  • Date From 1st February 2018
  • Date To 1st February 2018


Dr Mike Hancock 

Dr Hancock’s has a wealth of industrial experience, and also is a Visiting Lecturer in the department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Chester. His PhD was from Cambridge under Nigel Kenney who specialised in reaction kinetics. He joined Shell to see the world and was sent to Manchester to train on the petrochemicals site at Carrington. He then moved to a new fertiliser production site next to nearby Stanlow refinery. After many years he joined ICI in a corporate planning role before embarking on consultancy. More recently he has focussed on industrial energy efficiency and has had the opportunity to visit a great many facilities large and small in different sectors. He is a Fellow of IChemE, Fellow of the Energy Institute, Chartered Engineer, member of the Register of Professional Energy Consultants and IRCA registered Auditor for the ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard.

Dr Hancock will be discussing two topics:

  • The exciting prospects at the University of Chester, Thornton Science Park where the new Department of Chemical Engineering is located. The Thornton Campus was the site of Shell's research into fuels and lubricants and was handed to the University four or so years ago. The site has extensive up-to-date laboratories, lecture facilities and so on, and the first students have just graduated. A key emphasis is on ensuring students gain work experience and have access to the world of work through the many process industries sited nearby.
    Another aim is to provide a wider world experience via exchange and visit programmes, and to foster strategic partnerships with compatible institutions overseas.
  • His own work, on an energy from waste system, resulting in a patent (OxyGen); it relates to carbon capture and storage in power generation using IGCC plant. 

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