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Michael Menzies

Michael Menzies

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Born in Everton, and also educated in London, Mike gained a BSc in Chemical Engineering at Surrey University. He started in Surrey, then Wolverhampton, with in a furnace engineering company working in the steel and glass industries. Staying in the steel reheat furnaces, Mike moved to Poole. Next, in Southampton, Mike led a team on fluidised bed municipal waste incineration. In 1998 Mike founded his own company, Kinson Power Ltd, specialising in project management as well as combustion and heat transfer. Mike took a year break to gain a PGCE at Southampton and has gained international recognition for operator training, particularly in upstream and downstream oil & gas. Much of this was delivered for a burner company in Poole. His various passports have stamps from 43 different countries, some with over 30 entries.

He is married with two teenage children, but his passion is renewable energy and ecological living. In his home he has installed extensive thermal insulation, solar panels (both thermal & PV), Air Source Heat Pump, rain water harvesting, septic tank, log burner, wood chipper, compost, veg patch, and several bicycles! Voluntary work includes lectures to local bodies and schools on alternatives and renewables alongside efficient use of fossil fuels.

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