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Ian Halsall CEng FIChemE


Ian HalsallI would say that there are two key advantages to becoming a Fellow of the IChemE. Firstly there is the status of 'Fellow' which, in quite a number of cases, helps to make a good impression with people when they first meet you. Secondly it gives you an automatic connection to a number of other Fellows in IChemE as well as many other institutions.

My career background was initially very much along the traditional chemical engineering line with a few years at Procter & Gamble and then a few years at DuPont. So washing powders at first followed by a large number of years in polymers. After that, I went independent with my own company, initially focusing on polymers and coatings, and later in general consulting. My years as an entrepreneur really rammed home the importance of networking. As an independent consultant, I am really only as good as my network. As a result of that networking, one of my clients offered me a directorship. For two and a half years, I was the director of research and development at Worldwide Industries. During that time, my activity with IChemE increased which resulted in me broadening my horizons as well as my network.

Leon Prentice CEng RPEQ FIChemE

Senior research engineer

Leon PrenticeI have always enjoyed process and materials research, which started with taking a year off for two overseas internships in hydrometallurgy before my final year of chemical engineering. After that, I worked in biomaterials R&D for a small manufacturing company, which was interesting but very specialised. Since 2007, I’ve been at CSIRO working on a broad range of process development and scale-up/commercialisation projects, mostly in extractive metallurgy of light metals.

Being a Fellow of IChemE demonstrates an expectation of leadership in the profession. I think IChemE’s primary mark of competence is full membership and Chartered status, and being a Fellow means you’re expected to guard and guide the profession, volunteer time to strengthen it and encourage younger engineers, and promote the significant value of chemical engineers in today’s world. There are plenty of ways to get involved with the profession; I was on the IChemE Australian board and currently part of the Joint Victorian Chemical Engineering Committee.

I hope that being a Fellow assists me in promoting the profession, especially encouraging innovation and applied research in chemical engineering in Australia.

Rafil Elyas CEng FIChemE

Owner and principal consultant

Rafil ElyasI’ve been working for over 25 years in the field of oil and gas process simulation. I had worked for PETRONAS (Petroliam Nasional Berhad) research and scientific services, Simulation Sciences, Hyprotech and AspenTech in the 1990s. In 2003 I struck out on my own and set up a consultancy practice, East101. East101 grew from a one man home office/kitchen table operation to a small specialist company with ten process engineers. Our services are mainly dynamic simulation based studies and consist of compressor controls and anti-surge protection, instrumented pressure protection/HIPPS, heat exchange tube rupture, cold blow down/depressuring, production forecasting and flow assurance. Our work has been used to design, troubleshoot and optimise oil and gas platforms, FPSOs and processing facilities in Asia, Australia, The Middle East, Europe. and the Americas.

At East101, I am fortunate to work with a team of very inquisitive, hardworking and creative process engineers who’ve grown with the company. I provide mentoring to these engineers and allow them to exercise their creativity. We have a lot of fun coming up with solutions to challenging problems.

In addition to this, I also have had the privilege of being invited as an industry advisor and adjunct lecturer at Nottingham University, Universiti Teknologi Petronas and UiTM. In my lectures, I share real world experiences to help them learn with practical engineering.

I decided to join IChemE and become a Chartered Engineer so I could benchmark myself relative to other engineers worldwide. I also wanted to be a part of this large community of chemical engineers in order to learn from other members and increase my network.

Being a Fellow of the IChemE has inspired me to reach out and share my work experience with young engineers and students.

Eur Ing Kiat Seng Qua CEng FIChemE


QuaI am at the third stage of my career, what I call giving back after 32 years in operations. In the last twelve years I have been advising and later volunteered in IChemE in Malaysia as well as the ASEAN oleochemical trade association (AOMG) particularly in capability development, process safety and sustainability. I lectured part time at a university on sustainable palm oil manufacturing for four years. Until recently I was an active member of IChemE’s Malaysian Professional Formation Forum assessing and interviewing applicants who aspire to be Chartered Chemical Engineers. I founded in August 2015 the first IChemE SIG outside of UK viz POPSIG (Palm Oil Processing Special Interest Group) to elevate the role and contribution of chemical engineers in the industry. I will be serving on the Malaysian board in 2018 and 2019.

Upon graduation in 1974, I set my sights on becoming a Chartered Chemical Engineer and succeeded in 1979. It was challenging as I was the first chemical engineer employed by the multinational environment of Unilever in Malaysia. I had no chemical engineers as mentors and referees were difficult to find. The following year Unilever decided to install its first oleochemical facility in Asia and I was picked for the position of its production manager. As a result I also worked in Australia and the Netherlands.

In the second stage of my career I became a Fellow of IChemE in 1993 and was the general manager for the Malaysian operations. By then I was actively building my network in the national engineering institution, the palm oil and chemical industry. In 1997, ICI bought over the business and I remained in my role. When I retired in 2003 I worked for a couple of years as executive chairman of KLK’s soap and toiletries contract manufacturing in the UK. KLK is among Malaysia’s five largest plantation companies. It was in the UK that I caught up with IChemE which was about to open an office in Malaysia in 2006.

Chung Lim Law CEng CSci FIChemE


Chung Lim Law CEng CSci FIChemE

I am a professor at the University of Nottingham Malaysia campus. My research is in the area of food and bio-product processing which focuses on studying the effect of operating conditions on the retention of bio-active ingredients in the processed product. I specialise in this field and serve as the academic lead for the food and bio-product processing priority area. I teach undergraduate on the advanced process control and industrial dehydration.

I have been an active member of IChemE since 2006 and I served as the IChemE departmental liaison officer from 2006 to 2012. I am a board member (2014-2019) for the Malaysian Board and a member of the Malaysian Professional Formation Forum since 2012.

As an IChemE Fellow I have the opportunity to promote IChemE membership to my students and my fellow engineers in Malaysia. MIChemE is a worldwide recognised professional qualification. Whilst, I also have the opportunity to mentor members to upgrade their membership to Chartered status. I also have the opportunity to contribute to the liberalisation of the chemical engineering profession in Malaysia after the Parliament passed the amendments of the Registration of Engineers Act in 2014. Through IChemE, I have obtained a different set of professional skills that allow me to make some impactful contributions to the society.

Janis Corbett CEng FIChemE

Senior consultant

Janis CorbettOver recent years I have held consultancy positions in which I have led numerous assignments and have been solely accountable for the management of suites of safety engineering studies. This included managing budgets, some in excess of £100,000, managing overall execution of projects and ensuring quality. I have advised clients on the management of major hazards and consequently, the risks to which personnel are exposed.

My efforts have made substantial contributions to the financial success of my employers. In my current position I have technical authority on HSE matters within the Genesis Perth office.

Over the last ten years I have supported the development of younger engineers by way of informal mentoring, career counselling and formal performance appraisals. I have also conducted Corporate Membership interviews for IChemE and have written and presented a technical paper at an international conference.

Eur Ing Roland Clarke MBA CEng CSci FIChemE

Operations manager

R Clarke In my current role, I am the Technical Director of Carburos Metálicos in Barcelona, Spain. Carburos Metálicos is an industrial gas company and is part of the Air Products group. I started my career as a process engineer in Air Products in Surrey, UK and had roles of increasing responsibility. I transferred to Barcelona in 1999 and have worked in various areas using the different aspects of chemical and process engineering. After 10 years as Cylinder Gases Operations Manager I was named Technical Director for Spain and Portugal. This role oversees a great variety of disciplines including plant and fleet maintenance, workshops, customer installations and new plant construction and commissioning. 

I am proud to be a Fellow of IChemE and I enjoy promoting the profession. I encourage new employees to join IChemE with the aim of getting Chartered and I explain the benefits of increased networking opportunities within the industry and the importance of MIChemE/FIChemE as internationally recognised qualifications.

Adisa Azapagic CEng CSci FIChemE


Adisa AzapagicI am a Professor at the University of Surrey. My research is in the area of sustainable chemical engineering, working towards identifying more sustainable solutions for the chemical industry. I currently lead a group of 20 researchers in this area. I also teach undergraduates how to design more sustainable chemical processes and products.

I have been an active member of IChemE for a number of years and have supported a number of activities led by the IChemE which I believe benefit its members. For example, with other colleagues, I helped establish a new Sustainability Subject Group.

As an IChemE Fellow I have an opportunity to help shape the way our Institution works for the membership. Being a Fellow of IChemE is also a title recognized internationally which has contributed to my professional standing in the chemical engineering community.

Eur Ing Dr John Bush CEng FIChemE

Site general manager

Dr John BushIn my current role I am responsible for a chemicals manufacturing site employing 380 people. There are around 40 management and professional staff in the Site organisation including Chartered Chemical, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers. My previous employment includes Site Management of a top tier COMAH site, plant commissioning both in the UK and overseas and projects management.

My main responsibilities are: to ensure that the Site meets all current UK regulatory and legislative requirements, to develop and implement at strategy for Supply Chain Excellence, to ensure the site assets and infrastructure are appropriately maintained and that staff are trained to competently operate the chemical processes on the Site.

I often interview candidates for Corporate Membership on behalf of IChemE. I also provide coaching and mentoring to graduates at Ineos Silicas in preparation for them becoming Chartered Engineers.

I am a Council Member and Director of the Chemical Industries Association and a member of their Operations and Responsible Care Strategy Group.

Shahana Buchanan CEng FIChemE

Process Safety Program Manager

Shahana Buchanan

I have covered a wide variety of jobs in chemical engineering relating to design, operations, maintenance and process safety. I am currently the Process Safety Program Manager at Nestlé. I also have responsibility for Safety & Health at corporate level within the R&D organisation at Nestlé.

I am an active IChemE Member having originally set up the Young Members’ Committee within the Teesside Branch in the year 2000. IChemE membership provides excellent networking and mentoring opportunities, allowing you to learn new skills and make contacts outside your workplace. I am currently the Chairperson for the IChemE Special Interest Group for Safety & Loss Prevention.

Also becoming a Chartered Chemical Engineer and Fellow of the IChemE are accomplishments that I am really proud of: it has meant improved career prospects, a better salary and respect from professional engineers.


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