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Professional experience

As well as a high standard of theoretical knowledge and understanding, candidates for Chartered membership must also have enough professional experience to prove their competence and commitment.

The minimum level of professional experience required for a Chartered Member involves a depth and breadth of experience applying knowledge to practical situations, responsibility for technical judgment, and a commitment both to good practice and to the continual development of knowledge and skills.

Those applying for Chartered membership are likely to:

  • work under their own supervision
  • train others
  • have control over budgets
  • act on their own initiative
  • be responsible for the consequences of their technical decisions.

Professional experience can be gained via industry, an academic career, or through a combination of the practical aspects of postgraduate research and some industrial experience. It can include formal training and work-based learning, and could have been gained in any sector or country.

Providing evidence

All applications for Chartered membership must include a completed Competence and Commitment (C&C) report. The C&C report contains five sections which you must complete using examples from your own career:

Section A – application of knowledge
Section B – wider implications
Section C – interpersonal skills
Section D – professional and ethical conduct
Section E – continuing professional development

Visit our guidance documents page to download a C&C report template, read our detailed application guidance and view example reports.

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