Professional Process Safety Engineer (MIChemE)

Who can become a Professional Process Safety Engineer (MIChemE)?

The Professional Process Safety Engineer registration is aimed at competent practitioners.

Registration recognises people who can demonstrate relevant experience and application of knowledge across a range of competencies and who hold a role of responsibility in process safety.

These competencies include:

A: The ability to apply knowledge and understanding of technical process safety to practical engineering situations and the ability to apply appropriate theoretical and practical methods to the analysis and solution of process safety problems

  • hazard identification
  • assessment of consequences
  • control of hazards
  • risk assessment


B: The ability to handle the wider implications of work as a process safety practitioner

  • understanding and application of relevant Regulations
  • protection of the public
  • incident investigation
  • emergency planning


C: The ability to provide effective process safety leadership and communication 

  • process safety management
  • influencing process safety culture


Registrants are required to:


Find out more about the people who have qualified as Professional Process Safety Engineers.

Applications from process safety professionals from all relevant background disciplines are welcome. Those who meet the rigorous criteria are awarded Chartered member status (MIChemE) and can also describe themselves as Professional Process Safety Engineers. 

Prospective applicants should use the Professional Process Safety Engineer self-diagnosis tool to decide whether they are ready to make an application.

For further information please visit:  Frequently Asked Questions.

Whilst we do not publish a full list of registered Professional Process Safety Engineers we can verify individual registrations. To verify a registration please email with details of name, date of birth and/or registration.


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