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Produced jointly by BP and IChemE, the BP Process Safety Series is a collection of books, animations and slide rules which guide the user in the application of safe operating practices and procedures within a range of industries. Visit our online store >>

Books and eBooks

This series demonstrates both organisations’ ongoing commitment to process safety and best practice through the dissemination of lessons learnt from recurring accidents. Our collection includes:

  1. Hazards of Water, Eighth edition, 2004
  2. Hazards of Air and Oxygen, Eighth edition, 2004
  3. Hazards of Steam, Fourth edition, 2004
  4. Safe Furnace and Boiler Firing, Fifth edition, 2012
  5. Hazards of Trapped Pressure and Vacuum, Third edition, 2009
  6. Confined Space Entry, First edition, 2005
  7. Hazardous Substances in Refineries, First edition, 2005
  8. Hazards of Electricity and Static Electricity, Sixth edition, 2006
  9. Hazards of Nitrogen and Catalyst Handling, Sixth edition, 2009
  10. Control of Work, Second edition, 2007*
  11. LNG Fire Protection & Emergency Response, Second edition, 2007
  12. Safe Handling of Light Ends, Fifth edition, 2007
  13. Hazards of Oil Refining Distillation Units, First edition, 2008
  14. Liquid Hydrocarbon Tank Fires, Fourth edition, 2008
  15. Safe Tank Farms and (Un)Loading Operations, Fourth edition, 2008
  16. Safe Ups and Downs for Process Units, Seventh edition, 2009**


* Control of Work is also available in German and Mandarin

**Safe Ups and Downs for Process Units is also available in Mandarin 

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Designed to supplement the book and ebook collection, our animations are an ideal resource for training sessions. They include a visual and audio summary of each accident, as well as a commentary on the cause of the incident and scale of the loss incurred.

The animations are also accompanied with references, to guide further research in the respective area. Our range includes:

  1. Piper Alpha Platform Fire 1988***
  2. Singapore Refinery Multiple Tank Fires 1988***
  3. Grangemouth Hydrocracker Explosion 1987***
  4. Feyzin LPB Storage BLEVE 1966***
  5. Milford Haven FCCU 1994***
  6. Flixborough Explosion 1974***
  7. Martinez Hydrocracker Exothermic Runaway Reaction Management 1997
  8. Bantry Bay Ship Explosion and Fire 1979
  9. Glenpool Terminal Tank Fire 2003


***also available in German

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