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The new IChemE professional services agreement

John Challenger explores the new Silver Book.
Construction Law Review, June 2017

Confidence in Contracts

New research shows IChemE Contracts are amongst the least disputed
tce, May 2017

Contract adjudication

With pressure increasing to extend the scope of adjudication for the process industries,
IChemE’s update of its rules has an important role to play in dispute resolution.
tce, Consultants and Contractors Guide 2016.

Expert determination under IChemE contracts

Paul Buckingham and John Challenger discuss this less widely-used method of dispute resolution. Construction Law Review, June 2015.

Performance is key

John Challenger and David McLurgh on why you should be using IChemE contracts in the way the drafts intended. Construction Law Review, June 2014.

No shortcuts to a satisfactory contract

John Challenger and David McLurgh explain why, 45 years on, IChemE’s Forms of Contract continue to be industry’s go-to contract of choice. tce, February 2013.

Forms of contract revised

Gordon Bateman reviews the key changes in the much-anticipated new editions of IChemE's UK Forms of Contract. tce, February 2013. 

Contracts go international

Gordon Bateman casts his eye over IChemE's newly-launched International Forms of Contract. tce, November 2007. 

Records, records, records

Henry Rowson of the importance of keeping contemporary records. tce, April 2004. 

Watertight contracting

Gordon Bateman looks at the use of IChemE's forms of contract in the water industry. tce, April 2003.

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