Fire and explosions of tanker lorries - issue 258

Issue Number: 258


A fire broke out on Sunday 3 April 2016 on a lorry in the parking area of a road transportation company in Bassens (Gironde), France. The fire spread to seven other vehicles of the same type and resulted in two BLEVE events on tanks. The substances being transported were mainly liquefied flammable gas (LFG) stored in tanks and bottles, along with hydrocarbons contained in the tanks.
Four minor injuries were reported among the first responders, and nearby buildings were damaged by the shock wave and by impact from the fragments of tanks, some of which weighed up to several tonnes.
The most probable cause was thought to be a deliberate act and therefore the lessons learned related to improving security measures; minimising hazard potential by limiting the type, quantity and duration of presence of a hazardous substance; establishing procedures for emergency response and post-accident management.

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