Feyzin LPB Storage BLEVE 1966 (English) BP Animation - Single Site Annual Licence

BP animation Feyzin

Author(s): BP

Publisher: IChemE

Released Date: 25/09/2008


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On 4th January 1966, at 06.40, an operator, accompanied by a laboratory technician, went to sphere 443 to take a propane sample. During the operation, the drain line suddenly cleared releasing a large quantity of liquid propane. The release could not be stopped and 18 responders were killed in the following incident.

This animation is an excellent tool for a meeting or a training session on one of the following themes (examples only, there are probably more):

  • Safe design and operations of LPG installations
  • Hazard identification
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Importance of operating procedures
  • Fire proofing
  • Layers of protection concept


This animation complements the following BP Process Safety series book also available to purchase from IChemE: Safe Handling of Light Ends


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