We are respected for our professionalism and technical competence

Commitment to professional standards

Chartered Chemical Engineer alongside professional registration is an accolade to which many of our members aspire, and they are proud to be a part of an established and learned Institution. When an engineer commits to competence assessment via peer review, they are clearly placing a marker in the sand and expressing their personal commitment to globally-recognised professional standards.

How will we achieve this?

We will continue to set and uphold professional standards, offering routes to recognised qualifications for all chemical engineers who should be qualified. We will support the development of flexible pathways for chemical, biochemical and process industry professionals, and help advance skills to meet existing and future demands and to provide support to employers and industry partners.

Set and uphold professional standards

We will:

  • offer internationally recognised professional accreditation

  • maintain flexible pathways to professional registration by:

    • completing Programme SMART, delivering simplified, accessible and streamlined processes in support of member qualification;

    • building blended approaches to learning for members seeking qualifications, enabling virtual and physical engagement and securing licences for accreditation; and

    • facilitating collaboration and co-working, enhancing skills development, cross-sectoral activity and mentoring.
  • regulate professional conduct, instil appropriate ethics and set the bar for the appropriate standards
Develop chemical, biochemical and process industry skills

We will:

  • offer support and professional development opportunities by:

    • championing continuing professional development (CPD), providing and recognising suitable learning opportunities;

    • encouraging and enabling members to undertake and benefit from professional development activities; and

    • celebrating success and achievement through globally-acknowledged awards that recognise excellence, innovation and leadership within the profession.
  • support apprenticeship frameworks
Support industry and employers

We will:

  • develop and enhance our corporate partner scheme

  • enhance the skills pipeline by providing access to evidence and authoritative comment

  • contribute to up-skilling, re-skilling and strategies that harness the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0)

  • maintain a community of practice for active chemical, biochemical and process engineers building our professional standing in society
Strategic outcomes
  • we continue to be recognised as a global leader in setting professional standards and providing good practice guidance within chemical engineering

  • we are recognised as one of the leading international qualifying bodies for chemical engineers

  • the contribution of our knowledgeable and skilled membership to the safety, sustainability and development of society through chemical engineering is acknowledged

  • our student members graduate and benefit from enhanced and wider access to relevant education programmes

  • our graduate members become professionally qualified

  • there is an increased and widened spectrum of organisational partnering with IChemE

  • we demonstrate continued sustainable growth of membership, accreditation and partnerships

  • we have a positive impact on local, regional and global regulatory frameworks

  • we are recognised as providing rigorous but straightforward professional qualifications (Programme SMART):

    • Programme SMART (Sustainable Membership Achieved via Robust Transactions) is a group of four projects, with integrated marketing support, designed to deliver sustainable membership growth. The four projects address:

      • process improvements and business-like thinking

      • flexible pathways to membership

      • professional development support

      • sustainable volunteer support