We are acknowledged as a peer-group leader in which an engaged membership receives and adds value

Advance the profession

The expertise and experience of our members are crucial in order to address many of society’s challenges. Key to our contribution will be engaging with a more diverse peer group, expanding our networks from governments to other scientific and social disciplines in order to engage with a varied group of partners as we focus on global goals. Our future also relies on us inspiring and supporting the many cohorts of young people keen to make a real difference in our world. Together we can advance chemical engineering’s contribution worldwide for the benefit of society.

How will we achieve this?

We will deliver tools and services via digitally-enabled platforms to improve efficiency, help to harmonise standards, optimise quality controls and enable members - wherever they are in the world - to access resources and support. Designed to bring added value to members in their homes, offices and workplaces, as well as when they engage professionally, these platforms will support member communities of practice. We will actively seek to encourage the future generations, share expertise with them, mentor them and support their fresh insights, to welcome them into the Institution. Our work as a learned society will be a catalyst in this activity.

Improve societal understanding

We will:

  • provide tools for careers outreach inspiring new cohorts of chemical, biochemical and process engineers

  • promote a diverse profession across all communications channels and build partnerships with like-minded bodies

  • celebrate chemical engineering heritage and successes amongst peers, the wider engineering and scientific communities, and the public at large

  • use the milestone of our centenary in 2022 as a key driver to promote chemical engineers’ contribution to society to-date and in the future

  • promote the contribution that members can and do make to the delivery of the Global Grand Challenges for Engineering and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
Ensure support across the member lifecycle

We will:

  • promote STEM career paths and ask, “why not chemical engineering?”

  • develop chemical, biochemical and process engineering students' understanding and an early commitment to professionalism

  • promote early-career support opportunities, enabling members to access peer support and to share knowledge and experience

  • encourage mid-career engagement amongst members, including mentoring, volunteering and participation in learned society activities, to promote the development of expertise

  • promote senior member leadership of the profession through the codification of good practice, based on expertise and through strong ethical and moral leadership

  • provide a platform to progress opportunities and good practice in equality, diversity and inclusion, in line with our commitments to the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Diversity Concordat and the Science Council’s Declaration on Diversity, Equality and Inclusion
Strategic outcomes
  • increased student enrolment at the right levels in chemical engineering disciplines

  • more prolific media engagement by members to support communications activity on the societal impacts of chemical engineering and its positive contribution to the Grand Challenges for Engineering and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

  • increased engagement by members in volunteering and participation in members groups, special interest groups, learned society programmes, and mentoring both in person and virtually

  • increased engagement amongst members in institutional elections, governance consultations and annual assessments of progress within Strategy 2024, adding their voice and value to strategic decisions

  • benefits for members which more closely meet their expectations and increased member satisfaction