We are known as a high-performing organisation delivering significant value

Sustainable growth

Our global ambition for sustainable growth requires a strong governance and operational model. Building an efficient, equitable, agile organisation that recognises diversity and provides value digitally and in real-time is necessary to meet our strategic mission.

How will we achieve this?

We will focus on building a streamlined business-like operation around value-adding services and offerings for members. These should be either core to our commitment to support members, or optional services which members can elect to adopt as either individuals or groups.

Embrace digitalisation

We will:

  • create a digital platform suitable for a global professional body to service its membership 365 days a year (24/7) wherever there is a connection to the internet, by:

    • continually improving our website and digital platforms to ensure members can access knowledge, information and services regardless of geography;

    • achieving a virtual organisational structure that will enable members to be empowered to support each other and our partners in order to serve society; and

    • ensuring that while every member gets global services, the membership (individuals, groups, Congress and Trustees) can also elect to access supplementary services to meet the evolving requirements of a 21st century professional Institution.
Deliver a coherent business architecture

We will:

  • confirm and validate local governance structures

  • optimise regional support infrastructures

  • develop and support members groups
Secure and deliver a financially sustainable organisation

We will:

  • deliver financial targets

  • develop improved and sustainable revenue streams

  • implement a successful reserves strategy

  • identify and deliver key performance indicators

  • achieve continuous process improvement across the organisation

  • manage risk and maintain an up-to-date risk register
Develop organisational capability

We will:

  • aspire to excellence in all operations with:

    • consistent performance and development review processes for staff and volunteers;

    • effective and resilient succession planning; and

    • contemporary operational procedures suitable for global scale and efficiency.
  • broaden our internal skills base beyond the technical to make activity more impactful

  • promote volunteer and member engagement, improving particularly:

    • knowledge of, and access to, volunteering opportunities for all members; and

    • recognition of the value that volunteers provide.
  • promote business-like management

  • be recognised as an employer of choice
Strategic outcomes
  • agreed budgets and other business KPIs are delivered

  • our products and services are regarded as high quality and value for money

  • our offices are an environment where people can excel, with high staff and volunteer retention and satisfaction

  • there is long-term satisfaction within organisational partnerships

  • clearly evidenced year-on-year improvement in member and volunteer satisfaction and retention

  • high levels of satisfaction from publication subscribers, students and event delegates

  • we deliver long-term financial sustainability, generating a surplus to re-invest in learned society activities and the delivery of our charitable mission