Responsible Production

Net zero

IChemE’s climate change position statement contained a commitment to develop plans for achieving net zero carbon emissions from IChemE’s direct operations globally by 2025, and publish greenhouse gas emissions data and progress against this target each year.

The Net Zero Working Group was tasked with developing these plans which began with agreeing a boundary definition and assets to be included in calculating IChemE’s carbon footprint, followed by developing an action plan for reducing emissions. The group is currently working on the emissions reduction plan.

As per the commitment to publish emissions data on an annual basis, annual emissions reports can be viewed here.

Working group

The working group has input from members with experience in carbon footprinting, strategies for emissions reduction, carbon offsetting, auditing and reporting scheme requirements. The members are:

  • Marc Allen (Chair)
  • Mark Apsey
  • Gemma Lawrence
  • Eilidh Maclaren
  • Narayanan Madasamy
  • Xander Oosthuysen
  • James Sweeney
  • Hui Tong Chua (ex officio)