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Biofuels Compendium

A Biofuels Compendium

Author(s): IChemE Energy Conversion Technology Subject Group

Publisher: IChemE

Publication Date: 22/05/2009

ISBN: 9780852955338

Extent: A4 Softback 40 pages



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The Biofuels Compendium has attempted to set out policy and scientific information from reliable sources and to assist in navigating around this most complex of subjects and to provide a mini reference at the same time.

The Compendium was produced by IChemE's Energy Conversion Technology Subject Group, which was formed in 1994 and seeks ways to convert energy with improved efficiencies and reduced environmental impact and to disseminate information on technological developments.

IChemE is a registered charity in England & Wales (214379), and a charity registered in Scotland (SC 039661).