Clean Energy Special Interest Group
A focus for energy technology

About us

As world energy demand continues to grow, it is ever more important that the environment is safeguarded and that energy production and use become sustainable. Renewable energy will, in the longer term, play a significant role. In the meantime, we continue to rely on traditional resources, including fossil fuels, which must be exploited using advanced, cleaner, technologies.

IChemE’s Clean Energy Special Interest Group focuses on chemical engineering activities that seek better ways to convert energy, with improved efficiencies and reduced environmental impact. It promotes and disseminates the technological developments that are the basis of the utilisation and exploitation of energy resources of all kinds. These include clean power generation, carbon capture and storage, renewables, energy storage, waste processing, hydrogen production and use, fuel cells and developments in transport fuels, including biofuels.


  • monitor and stimulate developments in both traditional and novel forms of energy conversion
  • address the immediate problems of continuity of supply and promote solutions for longer term provision
  • provide a forum for engineers, scientists and other professionals, thus facilitating networking and open dialogue
  • engage and collaborate with other professional bodies and organisations active in the field
    influence government and regulators
  • advance IChemE’s technical policy, and progress the implementation of its Technical Strategy Roadmap, Chemical Engineering Matters, and provide support to the IChemE Energy Centre
  • take on the Learned Society role in the field of Clean Energy by the holding of webinars, evening and joint meetings, technical visits, workshops and monographs.   


  • delivery of a programme of webinars and one-day events on energy conversion topics
  • award of IChemE’s prestigious Hebden Medal for outstanding contribution in the field of gasification technology
  • preparation of responses to consultation exercises by government and others
  • visits to relevant research facilities, e.g., PACT
  • publication of technical reports and presentations on energy related topics such as Power Plant Options (2014), CCSU (2015) and Gas Turbines (2016) available to CESIG members. 

My IChemE

IChemE is a registered charity in England & Wales (214379), and a charity registered in Scotland (SC 039661).