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What have we learned in the first 15 Years of Digital Oilfield?

Date From: 16 August 2017
Location: Webinar
Description: This webinar gives generic insights and lessons learned into the skilled practice of the application of DOF drawn from experiences in several major oil and gas companies.
Event Type: Webinar
Venue: Online

Time: 13:00-14:00 BST
Organiser: Process Management & Control Special Interest Group

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Digital Oilfield (DOF) and Integrated Operations has been a major performance improvement initiative within many oil and gas companies for much of the last 15 years. It is therefore surprising to find that, although many companies have been successful, many continue to find it difficult to implement the change in the new way of working enabled by DOF.

This webinar gives generic insights and lessons learned into the skilled practice of the application of DOF drawn from experiences in several major oil and gas companies.

It will cover key success factors and also draw attention to some of the numerous pitfalls to be encountered along the way. It will finish by highlighting some of the new challenges and opportunities in DOF in the areas of data analytics, internet of things and radical new project and operational concepts.

Key points covered will be:

• The history and evolution of DOF
• DOF/IO and Collaboration Environment
• What are companies doing with DOF?
• DOF and IO Key concepts
• People, Process, Technology and Organisation - Capability delivery
• Data to decision life cycle & Information enablement (MC)
• Key Enablers and Key Drivers
• Collaboration and Decision making – Where it all happens?
• The Change in the way of working

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Tony Edwards joined BP in the late 1980s working in petroleum, production engineering and operations management. Tony worked in the North Sea & Southern North Sea as an OIM and as an operations manager in Baku. In 2003 Tony joined BP's new field of the future program, which was BP's version of digital oilfield. As part of the program Tony was part of the original team inside BP that looked at how to use real time data and information to make improvements inside upstream operations. Tony moved to BG Group in 2006 to help set up their digital oilfield program. Tony joined StepChange in 2009.


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