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Q: What are the judges looking for?

A: In general, the judges are looking for entries which demonstrate some of the following characteristics: originality; innovation; evidence of potential or achieved technical and/or business success; environmental benefits; impact on stakeholders; and potential for wider application.

Q: What is the closing date for entries?

A: All entries for the IChemE Singapore Awards and IChemE Malaysia Awards should be submitted by 24:00 BST on 10 June 2016 (extended deadline). Entries for the IChemE Global Awards should be submitted by 24:00 BST on Friday 8 July 2016 (extended deadline). If you have a problem entering by the deadline, please email awards@icheme.org

Q: What does it cost to enter the IChemE Awards?

A: Submitting an entry to the IChemE Awards is free of charge.

Q: Do I need to attend the Awards ceremony to enter?

A: No. All finalists are judged on their chemical engineering innovation and excellence.

Q: Can I vote for any of the finalists?

A: Yes, IChemE Members can vote in two categories for the IChemE Global Awards only: Young Chemical Engineer in Industry Award and Young Chemical Engineering in Research Award. The Awards are determined by the Judges (50% of marks) and online voting by eligible IChemE Members (50% of marks). Online voting is scheduled for 17 October to 23 October 2016. The Judges reserve the right to amend the dates and selection process.

Q: How many awards categories can I enter?

A: See the entry forms for detailed guidance. Most entries can choose up to two Awards categories only. The Awards entry form allows you to select which categories you prefer. In some circumstances the Judges may use their discretion and place your into another category.

Q: How many entries can I or my organisation submit?

A: You can submit an unlimited number of different entries. Please remember that each entry is only allowed to enter a maximum of two awards categories.

Q: How do I enter the Award for Outstanding Achievement in Chemical and Process Engineering category?

A: Only the winners of each individual category are eligible for the Outstanding Achievement Award. Category winners are automatically entered by the Judges.

Q: When are will the finalists be announced?

A: Finalists are normally announced during August.

Q: Can I get feedback if my entry is not shortlisted?

A: We will try to provide feedback if possible. This may take several weeks. Please note the decision of the judging panel is final and they have the right not to provide feedback.

Q: Do I need to be a chemical engineer to enter?

A: No, but your entry should use chemical engineering principles and/or be applicable to the chemical and process industries.

Q: Malaysia, Singapore or Global – which Awards can I enter?

A: If based in Malaysia or Singapore organisations, teams and individuals should enter their national events only, unless entering an award category not available in Malaysia or Singapore. All winners from Malaysia and Singapore are guaranteed to make the final stages of the IChemE Global Awards.

All entries not based in Malaysia or Singapore are eligible to enter the IChemE Global Awards. If you are not based in Singapore or Malaysia, but would like to enter these awards, please email awards@icheme.org. Further details are available on the entry forms.

Q: Can I submit the same application to all three Awards competitions?

A: No. The same entry can only be submitted to one competition. However, different entries can be submitted to different competitions. Organisations, teams and individuals in Malaysia or Singapore should also follow the guidance here: Malaysia, Singapore or Global – which Awards can I enter?

Q: When can I submit entries?

A: The IChemE Singapore Awards and IChemE Malaysia Awards open for entries on 1 February 2016. The IChemE Global Awards open for entries on 1 March 2016.

Q: Can I submit a joint entry with a partner organisation?

A: Yes

Q: What do I need to send with my entry form?

A: Guidance is included on the entry forms. In addition to your completed entry form, we need two things: your logo (or logos if a joint entry) and a jpeg image of your product, project, process, team, facility etc. Entrants for the Young Chemical Engineer in Industry Award and Young Chemical Engineering in Research Award are also required to send a three page / 1,000 word CV.

Q: Do I need to be an IChemE Member to enter?

A: No

Q: When are the three events being held?

A: IChemE Singapore Awards – 21 October 2016; IChemE Malaysia Awards – 24 October 2016; IChemE Global Awards – 3 November 2016, Manchester, UK

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