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LPB welcomes articles of any length up to about 2500 words. Longer articles will be considered but the author is likely to be asked to edit them to ensure good readability.

Short articles (500 – 1000 words or less) are welcomed, especially if they have a particularly simple message or experience to convey. Length does not equal quality or usefulness!

All papers should be original. They may describe new incidents or new techniques; or bring a new perspective to matters previously known (e.g. a review article covering a number of accidents drawing out a particular lesson or lessons; an article published on the anniversary of a significant accident; or a paper reconsidering a previously reported incident from a new perspective). Although the primary focus is on process safety and major accidents; papers covering other areas including personal safety, laboratories, environment incidents and construction/demolition may be considered.

All references must be clearly identified within the text of the paper, with a full list at the end. Authors are asked to review previous editions of LPB in order to reference previous articles that are relevant (i.e. cover the same topic or incident etc.).

All papers will be subject to a thorough review by the LPB editorial panel. This may take up to three months to complete. Authors will be expected to respond to comments made by the editorial panel and modify their papers accordingly. LPB reserves the right to add an ‘Editorial Comment’ to a paper where considered appropriate.

LPB recognises that companies may have difficulty revealing the details of accidents especially where legal action is still possible even some time after the event. However, it is essential that the lessons of accidents and incidents are learned if we are to prevent repetition, indeed learning from incidents is a legal requirement under the EU’s Seveso directive. LPB is happy to help authors ensure that a paper is suitably anonymised, ensuring the lessons are available without identifying individuals or specific companies. All papers are treated as confidential whilst undergoing review. However, whilst members of the editorial panel will exercise due care, authors should recognize that papers may be stored and transmitted via the internet and so high levels of security cannot be guaranteed.

Although LPB is published in English, papers are welcomed from authors whose first language is not English. The editorial panel is happy to provide advice and assistance in ensuring the final papers are suitable for publication.

Authors are encouraged to provide drawings and photographs to assist the reader to understand their paper. Again, assistance can be provided to make drawings suitable for publication and in obtaining copyright agreement for photographs to be published.

LPB is willing to consider papers from consultants, vendors etc. However, it cannot accept papers that promote products or services.

For more information, download the Guidelines for Authors.

We are planning future issues on the following themes:

  • food industry hazards 
  • fireworks/explosives 
  • reactive hazards 
  • hindsight bias

If you can help on these or any other topic or you would like to discuss your ideas further contact the editor, Tracey Donaldson.

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