17 September 2013

Bechtel join select group of organisations

Cedars Manor School at Bechtel
Global engineering and construction business, Bechtel, has been awarded Gold Corporate Partner status by leading professional body, the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE).

Corporate Partner status is awarded to organisations that exemplify good practice for their support and development of chemical and process engineers.

Bechtel join a select group of just five organisations to hold Gold Corporate Partner status: BP, Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company (ADMA-OPCO), KBR and Sellafield.

Bechtel’s presentation coincided with a visit by eight Year Six pupils, aged between ten and eleven, from Cedar’s Manor School in Harrow, UK. Gold Corporate Partners are required to engage with schools and universities to promote chemical engineering, and engineering in general.

The visit by Cedars Manor School is just one of a series activities supported by Bechtel in the local community throughout the year. Mrs Heather Lace, headteacher at Cedar Manor School, said:

"As science forms part of the National Curriculum for primary schools, an important component of children's education as they come to the end of their time at primary school, is to be introduced to the role that engineers play in modern day life. Visits to organisations like Bechtel show them first-hand how the science they learn is applied in practice by engineers to the benefit of society."

Bechtel’s award was presented to them at their London offices by IChemE’s president, Judith Hackitt. She said:

“Gold Corporate Partner status is our highest level of corporate partnership and requires organisations to meet high standards in attracting, training, developing and recognising chemical engineering talent. Bechtel have set high standards in all these areas. They fully deserve their award from the Institution of Chemical Engineers and we congratulate them on their success."

The event was attended by senior representatives from Bechtel including Peter Dawson – president of Bechtel’s Civil Business Unit, Vi Patel – manager of Bechtel’s London Execution Unit, and Pri Ratnatunga – manager of central functions for Bechtel’s oil, gas and chemicals business unit.

Pri said: “IChemE’s corporate partnership program is an important part of the industry’s efforts to ensure that today’s chemical engineers continue to grow, and at the same time develop tomorrow’s talent. We are proud to be a part of such an important program.

“This recognition is a tribute to the passion of our people who enthusiastically share with their colleagues as well as students interested in engineering careers the knowledge and experiences they've gained building megaprojects across the globe.”

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