Continuing professional development (CPD)

Continuing professional development is the means by which professionals maintain, broaden and deepen their knowledge, skills and competency. It helps develop the personal qualities required for their working lives. The IChemE Code of Conduct requires Members plan, record, reflect and review their professional development.

Providing evidence of CPD is already required for some registrations (e.g. CSci) and by other PEIs and as some of you may be aware the latest update of UK-SPEC requires all PEIs to undertake this auditing exercise. From 2017, IChemE (in line with Engineering Council requirements) will be checking a random sample of Chartered Members and Fellows’ CPD records annually.

It is essential to regularly devote time to professional development. Undertaking CPD will help your understanding, knowledge and skills, regardless of your present capabilities, performance or seniority. It enhances your career prospects in a rapidly changing job market, increasing your adaptability and offering you more employment flexibility.

Employers consider CPD as evidence of an individual’s investment in their own career development. Therefore, striving to improve your professional knowledge, understanding and practice is beneficial to the chemical engineering profession, your employer and you.

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