Establishing and Maintaining a Safety Culture

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Discover the principles, approaches and methodologies used to create an effective safety culture.
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Safety culture is a subset of overall organisational culture, referring to "the ideas and beliefs that all members of the organisation share about health and safety management". In other words, "the way we do things round here."

Accident and incident investigations have consistently highlighted the importance of safety culture and its impact on safety performance. It is widely recognised that failure to establish and maintain an appropriate safety culture impacts the probability and potential severity of disasters.

But what makes a good safety culture and how does an organisation go about measuring and improving its safety culture effectively?

This course will provide an essential insight into some of the principles, approaches and methodologies available.

Learning outcomes

  • understand what is meant by safety culture and why it is important
  • how to measure safety culture and assess whether it needs to be changed / improved
  • how to change / improve safety culture

Who will benefit

  • anyone involved in the leadership of an organisation
  • those in a managerial position involved in process operations
  • professionals involved in HR, process safety HSE and manufacturing support functions
  • anyone who would like to develop a broad understanding of safety culture

Course outline

  • safety culture definitions and concepts
  • importance of safety culture
  • observing safety culture
  • measuring safety culture
  • analysing safety culture
  • changing safety culture
  • safety culture maturity ®
  • safety culture and leadership
  • lessons learnt from the frontline

A major case study will be used throughout the course to illustrate how the tools and techniques can be applied and to provide opportunities to practise using them.


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Course presenters

Stephen Watson, FIChemE, principal, Arthur D Little

Stephen is an expert on safety leadership, culture and management, with over 20 years’ experience in a range of sectors including oil and gas, petrochemicals, construction and transport.

He has substantial experience of assessing the safety culture in organisations around the world and both developing and supporting the implementation of recommendations as part of wider safety management/process safety reviews.

Marcus Beard, associate director, Arthur D Little

Marcus has 19 years’ experience in working with clients to review and develop safety leadership, culture and risk management in a range of sectors including transport, petrochemicals and construction.

Marcus has a proven track record of working at all levels in an organisation to review and develop culture and risk management; running training and focus groups at the sharp end, as well as working directly at executive level.

James Perry, principal, Arthur D Little

James is a process safety professional with over 16 years' consulting experience in the oil and gas, petrochemicals, construction and transportation sectors. He has a proven track record working with client organisations to better understand existing safety/risk management systems and organisational safety culture weaknesses, and to develop robust solutions to achieve a sustained improvement in safety performance.

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