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6-Stage Hazards - Malaysia


Dates to be confirmed - register your interest here

Shows how hazard studies fit into a project programme and stress their benefits and potential pitfalls. » More Details

Start Date: tba

End Date: tba

Alarm Management


Focuses on the various aspects of alarm management and rationalisation. » More Details

Start Date: 20/10/2015

End Date: 22/10/2015

An Introduction to Human Factors – Human Factors in Health and Safety, Module One


The first of four modules available in our human factors training programme, providing process safety professionals with a thorough grounding in human factors. » More Details

Start Date: 03/02/2016

End Date: 04/02/2016

Area Classification


Covers the overall risk assessment process, in particular the requirements for area classification and selection of equipment to avoid ignition sources.  » More Details

Start Date: 13/10/2015

End Date: 14/10/2015

Asset Integrity Management in the Process Industries - Managing your Ageing Assets


Understand how to determine the key threats from ageing equipment and how to plan and implement a life extension strategy for managing them. Includes all equipment types: static equipment (pressure vessels, piping, storage tanks etc.), rotating equipment, control and instrumentation, electrical and civil and structural infrastructure. » More Details

Start Date: 25/06/2015

End Date: 26/06/2015

Chemical Engineering for Non-Chemical Engineers - Perth


Offers an introduction to some of the main subject areas involved in chemical engineering disciplines, and will broaden the technology base of participants with a view to promote improved communication with chemical engineers. » More Details

Start Date: 18/11/2015

End Date: 20/11/2015

Chemical Engineering for Other Engineers - May


Alternative date and location available.

Designed for engineers working in the chemical and process industries offering an introduction to some of the main subject areas involved in chemical engineering which are not normally included in other engineering disciplines. It will broaden the technology base of participants and will promote improved communication between disciplines. » More Details

Start Date: 19/05/2015

End Date: 21/05/2015

Chemical Engineering for Other Engineers - November


Will introduce the general concepts of chemistry and biology that underpin chemical engineering then move onto core chemical engineering concepts. » More Details

Start Date: 16/11/2015

End Date: 18/11/2015

Chemical Engineering for Scientists - March


Provides chemists and other scientists working in the chemical and process industries with the opportunity to understand the basic concepts and general philosophy of chemical engineering. Alternative dates listed below.

 » More Details

Start Date: 16/03/2015

End Date: 20/03/2015

Chemical Engineering for Scientists - November


Introduces the general engineering concepts of efficiency, safety, sustainability and design. The course is an essential grounding in the principles of heat, mass and momentum transfer.

 » More Details

Start Date: 25/11/2015

End Date: 27/11/2015

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