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Replay recordings of webinars organised by the Sustainability Special Interest Group.


Ed Daniels, Shell (17 September 2020)
Achieving Climate Neutral through a Sectoral Approach
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Dr Mary Stewart FIChemE, GAICD, PhD, Energetics (20 August 2020)
Working in the Business of Climate Change - Solving Open-ended Problems to Help Companies Respond
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Neil Kermode, European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) Ltd (14 February 2020)
Developments in Wave and Tidal Power
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Till Weidner, University of Oxford (8 October 2019)
The urban food-energy-water-waste nexus: where urban agriculture meets organic waste management
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Cicely Striolo, UCL, UK (19 July 2017)
Incorporating Sustainability Teaching Across a Programme
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Den Gammer, Energy Technologies Institute, UK (25 November 2016)
Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) : Opportunity and Challenges
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Professor Richard James Murphy, University of Surrey, UK (13 September 2016)
Life Cycle Assessment of Bioenergy Systems
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Dr Gonzalo Guillén-Gosálbez, Imperial College London, UK (28 June 2016)
Combined Use of Mathematical Programming and Life Cycle Assessment to Support Sustainable Engineering
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Professor Tim Lenton, University of Exeter, UK (26 April 2016)
Early Warning of Climate Tipping Points
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Dr Camille Petit, Imperial College London, UK (16 December 2015)
The Role of Novel Materials in Addressing Sustainability Challenges
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Professor Feargal Brennan, Cranfield University, UK (13 October 2015)
Integrity of Offshore Wind Structures
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Professor Sanette Marx, North-West University, South Africa (15 September 2015)
Towards a Lower Carbon Economy: What’s the Fuss about Biomass?
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Professor Robin Batterham, University of Melbourne, Australia (11 February 2015)
Transforming mining - chemical engineers as the champions of sustainability
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Pat Harvey, University of Greenwich (2 July 2014)
International consortium plans to build a biorefinery based on microalgae Dunaliella 
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Bill Spence, Shell UK (14 May 2014) 
Peterhead Carbon Capture Project 
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Dr Valeska Ting,
University of Bath, UK (26 February 2014)
Energy Storage - Nanoporous Materials Address the Safe Storage of Hydrogen
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Professor Dominic Foo, University of Nottingham, Malaysia (19 February 2014)
Tools for Sustainable Process Design
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Dr Glen Corder, SUSOP, University of Queensland, Australia (4 June 2013)
Integrating Sustainability Risks and Opportunities into Project Design
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Professor Roland Clift, McGill University, Canada (5 May 2013)
The Role of Industrial Ecology in Environment Policy and Company Strategy
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Professor Richard Darton, University of Oxford, UK (4 December 2012)
Measuring Sustainability
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Professor Adisa Azapagic, University of Manchester, UK (22 November 2012)
Estimating Carbon Footprints of Products and Processes
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Professor Roland Clift, University of Surrey, UK (17 January 2012)
Chemical Engineering Outside the Pipe: Industrial Ecology and Sustainability
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Chris West, UK Climate Impacts Programme (1 December 2011)
UK Climate Change Projections with Guidance and Tools for Adaptation 
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