IChemE journals earn record Impact Factors

29th June 2011

New data published by Thomson Reuters has revealed that IChemE research journals Chemical Engineering Research and Design (ChERD), Process Safety and Environmental Protection (PSEP) and Food and Bioproducts Processing (FBP) all achieved record Impact Factors last year. 

Impact Factors are used by many top academics to help determine where they will submit research papers. They are also used by university libraries when selecting publication subscriptions.

Impact Factors are calculated by dividing the number of citations of papers published in a particular journal over a two-year period by the number of papers published in that journal during the same period.

ChERD remains the best performing title with an Impact Factor of 1.519 (2009: 1.223), PSEP recorded the biggest increase with an Impact Factor of 1.453 (2009: 1.124) and FBP also increased to 1.207 (2009: 0.952).

IChemE chief executive David Brown says “A growing number of top chemical engineering academics are choosing to publish their work with IChemE. We’re receiving more papers than ever before and the quality of the work is getting better with each passing year.”

IChemE journals are also the official journals of the European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE) and IChemE members can subscribe from as little as £25.00 per year.  For more information about IChemE journals, click here.