IChemE supports RedR

21st December 2010

IChemE will make a charitable donation to international disaster relief charity RedR in lieu of sending greeting cards this Christmas.

RedR provides training and recruitment services for the humanitarian sector, improving emergency response worldwide.  For over 30 years RedR has provided expert engineers and specialists to help rebuild the lives of those affected by disaster. Earlier this year, IChemE became a patron of RedR.

RedR chief executive Martin McCann said: “Support for RedR is support for the whole disaster relief sector. Our work is rooted in building professionalism, skills and experience; a philosophy understood by all businesses.“

IChemE office closures

UK and Australia offices are closed between 17:00 on 23 December 2010 until 09:00 on 4 January 2011. Malaysia offices will be closed from the 31 December 2010 - 3 January 2011.