New Trevor Kletz Compendium published by IChemE and Elsevier

New Trevor Kletz Compendium published by IChemE and Elsevier

2nd February 2021

A new book showcasing the works of process safety pioneer Trevor Kletz with new case studies and insights into latest practices has been published by the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) in partnership with publisher Elsevier.

Members from IChemE’s process safety community have compiled the Trevor Kletz Compendium: His Process Safety Wisdom Updated for a New Generation.

Kletz has had a huge impact on the way those in the process industries viewed accidents and safety. He was one of the first people to tackle the issues and became internationally renowned for sharing his ideas on process safety that he developed from almost 40 years in the chemical industry.

The compendium has been produced to highlight the inspirational ideas and stories that Kletz shared in his 15 books. Also, to update and enhance them for a new audience. It brings together the most significant stories in Kletz’s own words with additional commentary to highlight how the lessons remain relevant today with recent incidents used to help readers understand the risks and equip them with the knowledge to effectively manage process safety in every workplace today and in the future.

The compendium covers the topics that Kletz identified as most important to process safety including HAZOP, HAZAN (quantified risk assessment), inherent safety, management of maintenance risk, control of modifications, human factors and learning from accidents.

Andy Brazier, who led the team of authors, said:

“It is the responsibility of everyone working in the process industry and with major accident hazards to learn the lessons from the past, share our knowledge across the generations and develop our methods to continually reduce safety risks. Technology may be changing but the fundamental issues remain the same.

“Trevor Kletz was ahead of his time and many of his ideas and the process safety lessons he shared remain relevant today. The aim of the compendium was to share his work with a new audience and to prompt people who may have read his books in the past to have another look. Trevor did not expect everyone to agree with everything he said, but he was willing to share his opinions based on experience. We have tried to follow this spirit in compiling this compendium.”

The book is available to purchase as a print or digital copy online. IChemE members can use discount code AKT3.​


Trevor Kletz Compendium: His Process Safety Wisdom Updated for a New Generation


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