Paul McLaughlin

Paul McLaughlin

  • Position Ordinary Member

Paul has over twenty years of professional engineering experience. Much of this time has been spent working on high hazard chemical plants in Teesside, and in design and operations support to hydrogen and syngas plants around the world. An extended project deployment in Trinidad and Tobago further exposed him to cultural differences in the career experiences for chemical engineers in other countries.

In his current role of Consultancy Team Leader at Kiwa Energy he helps companies address technical, economic, and regulatory challenges, particularly associated with the transition to net zero. This often includes detailed work to understand process safety considerations that may result from the move away from the use of fossil fuels.

Other parts of Paul’s work include acting as Lead Verifier for the UK Emissions Trading Scheme and work as a technical reviewer for a range of UK government funded innovation schemes. Both of these parts of his role involve careful attention to detail, with consideration of the rigour of technical and legal statements made by operators of plants and developers of new processes.

Additionally, he has experience in the running of an organisation subject to the Charities Act, and as such understand the constraints set on the operation of IChemE by law.

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