Tawana Muchatuta

Tawana Muchatuta

  • Position Ordinary Regional Member – Rest of World seat

Tawana is pursuing an MBA at Imperial College London and an MSc in Renewable Energy at Loughborough University, where he earned his BEng (Hons) in Chemical Engineering.

He worked at AB Sugar and Coca-Cola's Schweppes, where he specialised in Water, Food and Beverage processes before transitioning to Fintech in Malaysia, working for multiple start-ups as a member of the C suite. He then founded the Africa Growth Division within a US-based family office private wealth advisory firm, KFG, which eventually spun out to a stand-alone firm, Africa Growth, where he is the Managing Partner. During this time he kept engaged with process engineering, providing consultative support to manufacturing businesses based in Southern Africa.

Africa Growth looks for and invests in businesses in the Water, Energy, and Tech sectors in their company's early growth stages. Tawana leads value creation and support business process optimisation and corporate strategy to enable scaling. As a board member at the Institute of Transformative Technologies, he supports the mission to bring to life the most critical technology breakthroughs required for sustainable global development and deploy these technologies through innovative, practical business models for large-scale impact.

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