Climate change position statement

Aiming to take a lead role in tackling climate change, IChemE has developed a position statement with the commitment to work with all stakeholders, from governments to communities around the world, to deliver a fair, safe and sustainable future.

Developed through consultation with members, the Institution’s position is founded on nine key principles including the endorsement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the acknowledgement that to support the aims of the Paris Agreement, net emissions of carbon dioxide must be reduced to zero and action must start now.

Chemical engineers are uniquely placed to take action across industrial sectors to arrest and reverse the damage humans are doing to the life support systems of the planet and to contribute to improving food security, energy and water availability, and human health and wellbeing.

Recognising that the development of new technologies, the use of best available techniques and a systems thinking approach will be critical, IChemE commits to work collaboratively as members, through education, research and sustainable engineering practices, in contributing globally to the transition to a net zero carbon world by 2050.

In support of the nine principles, the position statement includes a series of commitments for IChemE members, IChemE operations and for the industries in which members work. Alongside the commitments for members, the Institution commits to develop plans for achieving net zero carbon emissions from its own direct operations globally by 2025 and will publish progress against this target each year.

In developing the position statement, the task group leading the project engaged with IChemE’s member groups, special interest groups and committees, and invited input from the Institution’s 33,000 members located across the world.

Download IChemE's position statement on climate change >>