Global Awards 2022

About the judging panel

All awards entries are reviewed and scored by a panel of volunteer judges. From 2018, judges are appointed for a period of three years. At the end of this term, judges may stand for re-election to continue as a judge for a further three-year period.

The chair of the judging panel is typically elected from within the existing judging panel for a period of three years with an option to serve for a further period of up to three years as chair.

Judges will typically be Chartered Chemical Engineers or equivalent and subject matter experts.

Membership of IChemE is not a pre-requisite to serving on the judging panel (except for the role of chair).

The judging panel is typically reviewed in December/January.

Judges for 2022

All entries are scored by a judging panel of subject matter experts.

  • Keith Batchelor (Head Judge)
  • Abdullatif Albitawi
  • Amro Heikal
  • Avani Patel
  • Avinashkumar (Avinash) Karre
  • Ayssar Hanza
  • Azzam Younes
  • Bill Harper
  • Chris Hamlin
  • Chris Taylor
  • David Hassell
  • Duncan Barker
  • Emad Gebesy
  • Giuliana Trippa
  • Jessica Hernandez
  • Juli├ín Parra
  • Manish Mehta
  • Marta Lema
  • Martin Wright
  • Nigel Bowker
  • Paul Shearing
  • Peter Fairhurst
  • Rachel Cooke
  • Rahul Nabar
  • Robert Leah
  • Steve Hall
  • Tom Rodgers
  • Vaughan Thomas
  • Wadoud Hazineh