How I did it

Welcome to the IChemE ‘How I Did It’ campaign. We’re inviting our members to share their unique journeys and insights in the field of chemical, biochemical and process engineering.

About the campaign

The ‘How I Did It’ campaign is an initiative aimed at capturing and sharing the diverse experiences and stories from our members. Whether you’re just starting out, navigating the mid-career landscape, or reflecting on a lifetime of achievements, your story can inspire and inform the next generation of chemical engineers.

How it works

We are capturing your story using video. Participating in the campaign is easy, simply access the video platform to record your responses. The platform ensures your video is clear and easy to share with no requirement to download any software. You can also re-record if you’re unhappy with your first attempt.

Here are the questions you'll be asked, we can't wait to hear your story.

  1. Introduce yourself - can you tell us your name and what you currently do?
  2. Career path - can you describe your career path and how you got to your current position?
  3. Personal insights - can you share any memorable experiences from your career?
  4. Impact and contributions - how does your work impact the environment and society?
  5. Industry insights - how do you see the field evolving in the next 5-10 years, and what advice do you have for those considering a career in chemical engineering?
  6. Future prospects - how do you think chemical engineering will contribute to solving global challenges?
  7. IChemE membership - what do you find useful about being a member of IChemE?

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How your story will be used

Your contributions are invaluable to our community. Here’s how we plan to use your recordings:

  • Social Media: Short and long form clips will be shared on platforms like LinkedIn and YouTube to highlight key insights and moments from your journey.
  • IChemE Website: Videos will be featured on our website, providing a comprehensive view of your story.
  • Regional Engagement: Our Regional Engagement Managers will use your stories during their outreach activities, helping connect and inspire young chemical engineers across different regions.

By participating, you’re helping to build a rich tapestry of experiences that showcase the vibrant and dynamic world of chemical, biochemical and process engineering. Thank you for sharing your story and contributing to the growth and inspiration of our community. We look forward to hearing your story. If you have any questions please contact us.

Share your story

We're looking for diverse experiences and stories from our members.

Record your video

Please note that while we appreciate every submission, not all videos captured will be used. We will review all entries and select those that best fit the needs of the campaign.