Salary calculator UK

Members in the UK can benchmark their earnings, free-of-charge, using our online salary calculator. It is a simple tool to use. Enter your sector, age, and/or level of responsibility to discover the median salary of survey participants that match your specifications.

To access, please log in to 'My IChemE', then select 'Resources', and 'Salary Calculator'.

Make the most of the salary calculator

To get the best results from our salary calculator, only enter a maximum of two of your preferred options at a time and enter several variations. For example, choose age '18-25' and industry category 'water'. See the results, then compare them to another category, such as selecting 'engineer' in level of responsibility and industry category 'water'. The median salaries will be pulled from a wider range of survey data, making your data more reliable. 

If you are thinking about getting chartered, why not compare chartered and non-chartered salaries too? 

For more information on IChemE's salary survey, contact the Marketing and Communications team.

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