The resources below are suitable for 14-18 year old students and can be downloaded/printed as necessary. If you require printed display and handout material for a careers event, contact us at enquiries@icheme.org.

Alternatively, you can find resources that promote a wider range of engineering careers at Tomorrow's Engineers.

Download Resources

Leaflet - information for students

A5 leaflet giving an overview of the chemical engineering profession.

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Flyer - information for teachers

Information for teachers about whynotchemeng.

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Poster - food glorious food

This poster gives an overview of the work chemical engineers do in the food industry.

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Poster - live long and prosper

A poster describing examples of work that chemical engineers undertake in the area of health and wellbeing.

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Poster - water water everywhere

Poster explaining what chemical engineers do in the water industry.

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Poster - power to the people

This poster gives an idea of what chemical engineers do in the energy sector.

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Poster - what is chemical engineering?

Poster explaining what chemical engineering is.

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Poster - what chemical engineers do

This poster gives examples of what chemical engineers do.

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Poster - rewards and benefits

Reasons to become a chemical engineer.

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PowerPoint presentation template

Volunteers/STEM Ambassadors can use this PowerPoint template to develop their own presentation.

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Tabletop/display presentation

This PowerPoint presentation can be used a display at careers events. Will rotate continuously when slide show is started.

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Factsheet - FAQs

A factsheet listing the most common questions about chemical engineering.

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Factsheet - ten reasons to become a chemical engineer

Handout giving reasons why students should become a chemical engineer.

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Factsheet - ten differences between chemistry and chemical engineering

Although there is some overlap in the work of chemists and chemical engineers, this handout explains the main differences.

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Factsheet - common misconceptions

Incorrect sterotypes about what chemical engineering is and what chemical engineers do.

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