Connecting with our student membership at Frank Morton 2019

Connecting with our student membership at Frank Morton 2019

26th February 2019

The event provides us with a great opportunity to engage with students and host some friendly competition of our own. This year the IChemE stand was transformed into a Harry Potter theme, with photo props, our own IChemE every-flavour-beans, and Quidditch Beaker Pong.

In the end, Assekan Bali from University of Wolverhampton got the high score with 45 points. She wins an Amazon voucher and coveted ‘Yer a Chemical Engineer, Harry’ T-Shirt.

The Careers Fair precedes the Frank Morton Sports Day, an annual event for chemical engineering students where they compete against each other to be crowned champions of undergraduate chemical engineering. Competitions range from the more traditional, such as football and netball, to the more alternative, with this year including an Escape Room challenge.

But the University of Birmingham triumphed yet again and took home the coveted Frank Morton Trophy for the fifth time in a row. They had a number of successes on the day, winning in Ultimate Frisbee, Darts, Dodgeball and Pool.

The evening then continued late into the night, with entertainment to suit all tastes.

Committee President, David Miller commented:

Of course, the special thing about Frank Morton is that it is organised by chemical engineering students, for chemical engineering students. It is a significant undertaking to balance around studying, but can be advantageous in the future in terms of boosting your CV. The students on the Sheffield Frank Morton Committee shined this year, putting on a great event for everyone to enjoy. Well done to them all:

  • David Miller – Committee President
  • Joel Kirk – ChemEngSoc Liaison
  • Alex Castling – Secretary
  • Dimitris Koutris – Treasurer
  • Zak Nicholls and Sophia Van Mourik – Sports Coordinators
  • Eve Rosser – Entertainment and Catering Coordinator
  • Yashodh Karunanayake – Sponsorship Coordinator
  • Greg Ouseley – External University Liaison
  • Ellie Langshaw – Transport and Logistics Coordinator
  • Usman Anwar – Ceremonies Coordinator

…not forgetting the University of Sheffield Student’s Union which helped to ensure it all ran like clockwork.

Sheffield will soon be accepting bids from Universities looking to host the event in 2019. We’ll keep you posted on the result.

Some of these photos were taken by Adam Harris, follow him on Instagram.